How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee

Our greatest desire is to have a cup of coffee that nourishes our bodies when we drink it. French press is a very affordable method to make great coffee. This article aims to discuss how to make the perfect French Press Coffee.

French press coffee is made in two processes that make it rich in flavor

First, the French press immerses the coffee beans in boiling water heated to a temperature of 195 degrees (F). Second, it crushes the coffee beans out. This makes the coffee to have a refined and rich flavor.

Have the right burr grinder

Perfect French press coffee is largely dependent on using the best home grinder. Burr grinder is able to ground the coffee beans in a uniform method. This makes certain the following:

  • The coffee is not bitter due to over extraction of the coffee beans
  • The coffee has little or no mucky sediment at the bottom
  • The coffee has a wonderful aroma and tastes impeccable.

Use commercial grinders

Get your coffee beans at the nearby local coffee shop in case you do not have a burr grinder. The commercial grinders will ensure the coffee beans are ground efficiently. This enhances quality French press coffee.

Get the ratio of water to coffee beans right

French press coffee tastes amazing if the accurate proportions of each component are used. The amount of coffee beans to be used should be measured prior to grinding. To make four servings, four cups of water and half a cup of coffee beans should be used.

Use tasty water

French press coffee is largely composed of water which ought to have a favorable taste. Ensure you leave a pleasant taste in your mouth after taking a cup of this coffee. This is so by using filtered water or tasting tap water before using it.

Use water with the right temperature

If the water is not heated to the right temperature, the coffee will lack flavor. The water should be hot enough to make good French press coffee.

Use extremely fresh coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans begets amazing French press coffee. The coffee beans should be devoid of exposure to air for a long duration of time. They should appear a bit oil and have a fresh aroma.

As a final point, French press coffee can be a great way to start you day or end it. What matters is accuracy in making it. This will guarantee it tastes nice. Go ahead and derive comfort in a cup of French press coffee.