What is the Best Temperature to Brew Coffee

If you have started manual brewing recently, there are a few important things that you should be paying heed to. To get that perfect cup of coffee you would need to figure out a few things right, like the right water to coffee ratio, and the right temperature to brew the coffee.

The temperature of the water plays a very important role in the final taste of the cup of Joe, and that is why it is important to maintain the right water temperature.

What is the right temperature?

While many people tend to make the mistake of adding the coffee beans to boiling water, this is a strict no-no if you want to brew the best cup of coffee. Boiling water has a temperature of 212� F and all it will do is burn the coffee beans. This will make the coffee taste bitter and all your effort would go down the drains.

The temperature range that should be maintained while brewing a cup of coffee is 195� F to 205� F. This is the temperature range that will ensure that the water soluble flavor compounds get dissolved in the water easily. The more it is near 205�, the better will be the taste. Anything less than 195� F will result in poor extraction of the coffee beans. That will ruin the taste badly.

Maintaining the temperature

The evident question that comes here is that if the water boils at 212�, how to monitor the same to keep it within the range of 195� and 205�. To do so, you may use kitchen thermometers and keep on checking the water temperature as you prepare to brew a cup of coffee. These days, certain kettles display the temperature of the water. You can get hold of one of these kettles and use them to brew the right cup of coffee.

In case you do not want to use any of these techniques, you can try the age old process followed by our ancestors in the olden days. Boil the water and transfer it to a different vessel. Let the water stand for about 30 seconds in the second vessel and then you can use that water to brew the coffee. While it would not be accurately 205� F, it would certainly be somewhere in the range of 195� and 205�.

You can drink the coffee at temperatures as low as 120� as well, but when it comes to brewing, there is no alternative but to do that at the best temperature range which is 195� to 205�. Remember, if the temperature is not right, the coffee would not be right either.